Microsoft Teases the New-Generation Surface Tablet at WPC 2013

The company is planning to release new tablets in the next 12 months

Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, talked about the software maker’s plans for the next 12 months at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2013, revealing that updates for the Surface tablets are on their way.

As you can see in this slide showed off during Turner’s keynote, updates for Surface RT and Surface Pro are also included, so the company is most likely working on second-generation models for both its tablets.

Word is that Microsoft is planning to equip its Surface RT with a Qualcomm processor and provide users with features such as LTE connectivity, increased speed, and better performance.

In addition, new accessory colors are also likely to be released together with the next-generation Surface and even though details are pretty vague right now, they most likely include new Touch Covers and other peripherals.

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