Microsoft: The 32 GB Surface Has Only 16 GB Free Space

The OS and the built-in apps take a lot of space, Microsoft claims

Microsoft sells two different Surface versions, with 32 and 64 GB, respectively, but not all the space is available for music, videos or whatever files you wish to store on your tablet.

The Windows RT OS, Office RT and the other apps take a lot of space, Microsoft claims, so those of you who get the 32 GB version of the tablet will benefit from only 16 GB free hard disk space.

The top-of-the-range 64 GB version, on the other hand, has 46 GB free hard disk space, Microsoft confirms.

Windows RT, Microsoft Office and the other built-in apps are eating up most of the space, namely 8 GB on both Surface versions, while another 5 GB are reserved for Windows recovery tools.

Checking out the available disk space is easy as pie because it involves the same steps as on a traditional desktop computer. Simply launch “File Explorer” and head over to My Computer.

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