Microsoft: There Are Less than 1,500 Games Available for Windows 8

The Windows Store is growing, but at a slower pace that Microsoft expected

Microsoft’s all-new Windows Store is clearly growing bigger, as developers jump in and create their own apps, but it’s still evolving at a slower pace than the company actually expected.

Microsoft’s Marketing Lead Andrew Webber said during the London Games Conference 2012 that Windows Store currently has only 1,421 apps in the “Games” category, so developers should continue their efforts to release apps for the new Windows platform.

According to WinAppUpdate, there are more than 20,000 apps now available in the Windows Store and nearly 18,000 of them come with a freeware license.

While that’s clearly good news, Windows 8 still lacks applications developed by world-renowned companies, despite the fact that some of them have already confirmed such projects. Both Twitter and Mozilla are expected to release dedicated Windows 8 apps in the upcoming months.

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