Microsoft Thinks Big: 100K Windows 8 Apps Will Go Live in 90 Days

The company hopes to greatly expand the Windows Store

While Microsoft thinks that the current number of Windows Store apps is more than enough for Windows 8’s launch, the company admits that it has very high expectations for the next 3 months.

Keith Lorizio, VP, U.S. Sales & Marketing, said in an interview that Microsoft hopes to see 100,000 apps going live on Windows 8 within 90 days of the official launch on October 26.

How’s that possible? Pretty simple, says Lorizio, because the company is already spending millions to encourage developers to create apps for Windows 8.

Analysts on the other hand suggest that 5,000 apps should be enough at the launch, but warn that Windows 8 needs many more apps if it wants to succeed in such a competitive environment.

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