Microsoft Tracks Down Pirates Selling Windows 8 Downloaded from Torrents

The company continues the fight against software piracy

It’s no secret that Windows 8 is one of the most pirated software products in the history, and it pretty much makes sense, given the fact that it’s such a popular operating system.

Microsoft continues its fight against software piracy with a new important win. The company has recently busted four Melbourne pirates who reportedly sold illegal copies of Windows 8, some of which have been downloaded from pirate torrent trackers, according to a report by SC Magazine.

In addition, the Redmond-based software firm warned that it found 20 different forms of malware on the analyzed DVDs. Most pirates installed cracking and patching tools to block the activation process and the other anti-piracy tools put in place by Microsoft, it said.

As usual, the company recommends users to purchase a genuine copy of Windows and avoid downloading illegal versions, as they could bundle malware to steal and expose their data.

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