Microsoft Updates Photosynth with Awesome Features

Redmond is making it easier for users to work with Photosynth

Microsoft has just announced a major update for the Photosynth technology, adding new four modes that allow users to create panoramas and 3D imagery even easier than any time before.

From now on, users are allowed to create the standard 360-degree panoramas, as well as spins that put an object in the center of an image and lets users spin around this object.

At the same time, the service also supports a mode called “walk” which allows users to simply walk through the scene, while the “wall” version gives you the possibility to slide across a scene.

The company has also debuted a preview version of the service for all users who wish to try it out, with the service currently available via any modern browser on the market.

“This technical preview highlights the third generation of our 3D technology. It’s a dramatic step forward in smoothness and simplicity, and is what we now recommend for anyone with a D-SLR or a point-and-shoot camera. Once a synth is created you can easily share on Facebook, Twitter or via embed with a few simple clicks,” Microsoft said.

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