Microsoft Updates Solitaire Collection for Windows 8, Download Now

A new version of the game is now up for grabs from the Store

Microsoft has just released a new version of the popular Solitaire Collection for Windows 8, introducing a new series of improvements for all builds of the company’s new operating system.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is currently one of the most downloaded games in the Windows Store and it’s no wonder why.

The game packs 5 different Solitaire games, daily challenges, various themes and card deck designs and Xbox Live support.

According to the official release notes published in the Store, this update comprises general bug fixes and optimizations, so the game should load a bit faster and be more responsive on all Windows 8 builds.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is, obviously, available with a freeware license and can be played on desktop computers and Windows RT tablets as well.

Click here to view the Windows Store of the new Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Windows 8 version in your browser.

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