Microsoft Updates Taptiles for Windows 8, Free Download Available

Yet another popular Windows 8 game receives a pack of improvements

Microsoft is constantly updating its Windows 8 games, so it’s now Taptiles’ turn to receive several improvements for the dedicated version running on the company’s new operating system.

Taptiles for Windows 8 now comes with fixes for an issue with Daily Challenge Leaderboards, but also with other unnamed bug fixes and optimizations supposed to make the game run a bit faster on both desktop and tablets.

Last but not least, the game packs fixes for some of the incorrect translations available in the app, as Microsoft tries to offer it in as many languages as possible, including Croatian, Arabic, Greek and Hungarian.

As mentioned, Taptiles can be played on all Windows 8 builds currently on the market, but the best experience is clearly provided by a Windows RT tablet, such as Microsoft’s very own Surface RT.

Click here to view the new Windows Store page of Taptiles for Windows 8 in your browser.

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