Microsoft Updates Windows 8.1 with Larger App Screenshots in the Store

Redmond has made another change to the Windows 8.1 store

Microsoft has made another quiet change to the Windows Store, this time bringing larger screenshots for the apps available for download.

While we can’t tell for sure what the reason behind this change actually is, larger screenshot do look great and, just like McAkins Online writes, seem to perfectly fit high resolutions such as 1920x1080.

Users do not need to install anything, as the update takes place on Microsoft’s very own servers, so screenshots are automatically enlarged on all Windows 8.1 devices.

Another change that Microsoft made recently concerns the app pages that you can load in your browser.

Starting with this weekend, whenever you click on an app link in the browser, the Windows Store is automatically launched, without the need for manually clicking the dedicated button to switch to the store.

Of course, Microsoft clearly wants to make the Store a key feature of the new Windows 8.1, so expect more minor improvements in the coming weeks.

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