Microsoft Updates Windows 8 Bing App with Video Support

The app will show video results too thanks to a new update

Microsoft has recently announced that the built-in Windows 8 Bing app would also display video results, in addition to links and image results.

The update is available in 12 countries and “makes it easier to scan, explore and discover videos,” as the company said in a blog post.

The new Bing app is available in the Windows Store for all these 12 countries, so it’s basically enough to either download the new version or to update the existing one if you’re already a Bing user.

“To experience video search results for yourself in the Bing for Windows 8 app, just update the app once in the Windows Store and video results will appear in your next search. If you’ve already updated the Bing for Windows 8 app once, the video results will automatically appear in your next search. You don’t need to do anything,” Microsoft explained.

Click here to view the Bing app product page in your browser.

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