Microsoft Wants App with Speech Recognition in Windows 8.1

Redmond brings the Bing speech recognition control in its new OS

Windows 8.1 is alive and kicking, but Microsoft is still looking into ways to improve it, trying to make available more new features including speech recognition functionality.

Redmond announces that Bing Speech Recognition Control, already available in Windows Phone apps, is now available for Windows 8.1 developers too, so apps featuring such technology should arrive in the Windows Store soon.

The company claims that it’s pretty easy to implement speech recognition in your apps, as it all comes down to 10 lines of code, with users being provided with such features on both desktops and tablets.

“When the user clicks or taps the mic, they will hear a blip, or ‘earcon,’ to signal that it's time to speak, and an audio meter will show their current volume level. While speaking, the words detected will be shown in the control. When they stop speaking, or hit the Stop button on the speech control, they will get a brief animation and then their words will appear in the TextBlock,” Microsoft said.

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