Microsoft Wants Dell to Use Windows on Most of Its Devices [WSJ]

The company isn’t seeking to take control of the company

We’ve already told you that Microsoft is one of the companies that could help Dell go private, but even if some people thought that the Redmond-based software giant wanted to take control of the computer manufacturer, new sources claim this is not the case.

According to some Wall Street Journal insiders, Microsoft doesn’t plan to get involved in Dell’s daily business, but it only wants to make sure the company will use Windows on most of its devices.

Dell is already one of the largest computer manufacturers that have embraced Windows, but such a deal could also help Microsoft get closer to its devices and services approach Ballmer has talked about so many times.

Microsoft and Dell are yet to issue official comments on these reports, but more information is very likely to be provided soon, as negotiations between the two companies advance.

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