Microsoft: We Need to Help Our Users Learn Windows 8 Faster [NYT]

The company is willing to address the learning curve in Windows Blue

Tech giant Microsoft is planning to use the upcoming Windows Blue upgrade to tackle a long list of issues, including the way new users discover the operating system.

According to Tami Reller, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, who spoke with The New York Times on Windows 8, some users are indeed experiencing difficulties when exploring the new features of its latest operating system.

That’s going to change in Windows Blue, Reller explained without providing any specifics on the things the company might try to improve.

One of the features Microsoft may enhance with Windows Blue could be the post-installation tutorial that presents the “hot corners” introduced in Windows 8, a new feature that basically makes it easier for users to access specific options.

In addition, Microsoft is also believed to be working on a Start button that would make the operating system a bit more familiar and provide customers with a different way of launching the Start Screen.

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