Microsoft Will Have a Gigantic Data Center the Size of Six Football Fields

A new data center for Microsoft is now under construction in China

Microsoft will soon get a huge data center in China that will measure no more, no less than 42,000 square meters, which is almost the size of six football fields.

ZDNet writes that Chinese data center provider 21Vianet is the company that takes care of the construction job, with work on the building to be completed by the end of this year.

As part of the project, the data center will initially host a total of 3,000 cabinets, but the facility will then be expanded to a total of 5,000 cabinets.

According to 21Vianet's CEO, chairman and founder, Josh Chen, the data center is very likely to power Microsoft’s cloud storage services, most likely the Azure solution.

“We will also utilise this datacentre to power Microsoft's premier commercial cloud services,” he said in a statement published by the same source.

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