Microsoft Will Make $94 Billion (€71.2 Billion) Using Google Technology

Google expert claims that Microsoft could boost its revenues using Motorola patents

The Microsoft versus Google trial over patented wireless technology finally came to an end today, with U.S. District Judge James Robart setting a deadline of December 14 for the two parties to file further legal briefs.

Michael Dansky, an expert for Google’s Motorola Mobility unit, told the court that Microsoft could make as much as $94 billion (€71.2 billion) just by using Google’s technology.

Google wants Microsoft to pay $4 billion (€3.1 billion) a year for the patents used by H.264 video and 802.11 wireless standard, while the Redmond-based software company claims $1 million (€781,000) a year is more than enough.

According to, Dansky explained that Motorola’s patents play a crucial role for Microsoft and other companies’ businesses, so they all have to pay a higher royalty.

Robart is expected to announce his decision on the case in the spring of 2013.

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