Microsoft Will Soon Become the World’s Largest Company, Says New Investor

ValueAct Capital expects to see Microsoft growing bigger on the short term

ValueAct Capital, the company that took over a $2 billion (€1.5 billion) stake in Microsoft, said in a statement that the software giant has the potential to grow a lot in the near future, especially thanks to its cloud-based solutions such as Azure and Lync.

A report published by and citing ValueAct founder Jeffrey Ubben claims that ValueAct took control of 62 million Microsoft shares with the $2 billion investment it made, which represents approximately 1 percent of the Redmond-based software giant.

Ubben noted that Microsoft has plenty of room to grow and, if everything goes well, the company could soon become the world’s largest company.

Even though he refused to provide any specifics on the way ValueAct might change Microsoft’s business, Ubben explained that the software maker could take this title in three to five years, especially if it continues to put the focus on cloud services and on the Office productivity suite.

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