Microsoft Windows 8: Coming to Theaters This Season

The company wants to promote the new OS with two-minute cinema spots

Redmond-based technology firm Microsoft is really keen on making its Windows 8 advertising campaign a successful effort, so the company is now planning to bring two-minute clips promoting the new operating system on movie screens across the United States.

A report published by AdWeek reveals that Microsoft has signed a deal with National CineMedia (NCM) to display Windows 8 and Surface RT commercials on no less than 19,300 screens nationwide before the movies start.

“We see cinema as a great way for us to go beyond that 30-second TV ad and continue a conversation with consumers in an interesting way,” said Betsy Webb, GM of global media at Microsoft Marketing. “Branded entertainment on the big screen will let us tell stories about people’s lives and how they use technology.”

Previous reports have indicated that Microsoft prepared a $1.5 billion (€1.2 billion) budget to advertise the new operating system, but as far as unofficial reports are concerned, this effort is yet to pay off.

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