Microsoft: Windows 8 Hasn’t Missed Sales Projections [WSJ]

Company officials say that Windows 8 sales are in line with expectations

With Windows 8 holding a market share of only 1.49 percent, the general belief is that the new OS has turned into a rather disappointing product and most consumers prefer to stick to Windows 7.

But a Microsoft official claims that Windows 8 hasn’t missed internal sales projections, as some analysts have hinted in the past, and the response is in line with expectations.

“What we’ve learned from working with customers directly, and consistent with what major analyst firms report, [is that] large organizations typically pursue deployment strategies over the course of nine to 18 months, giving time to test, pilot and plan before broad adoption of a new operating system occurs,” Erwin Visser, senior director of Windows commercial marketing at Microsoft, was quoted as saying by Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft initially said it has managed to sell a total of 40 million Windows 8 copies in the first 30 days of availability, but the company now claims that its new OS is very likely to boost its market share in the upcoming months either separately or together with Windows 7.

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