Microsoft: Windows 8 Is Fully Secure, Stopping Hackers Is Our Priority

The company denies recent claims that Windows 8 stores passwords in plain text

Software company Passcode said on Friday that Windows 8 comes with a major security flaw because it stores user account passwords in plain text, so basically anyone with administrator privileges could access this data.

The Redmond-based technology firm, however, denies the report and emphasizes that Windows 8 is actually one of the most secure operating systems on the market.

The company makes huge investments in this area, a Microsoft spokesperson told us, as blocking hackers is a priority at this moment.

“Microsoft treats the privacy of our users and their data as a top priority. There are many things we do here, and as part of that, of course we don’t store passwords in plaintext. Moreover, we make huge investments in preventing hackers from accessing your data in the first place,” the Microsoft spokesperson said.

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