Microsoft Won’t Be Missed at CES

The trade show is still expected to attract a big number of attendees and exhibitors

After the company has played one of the key roles for each International Consumer Electronics Show edition in the past decade, Microsoft officially announced that it would skip the event in the upcoming years.

The tech giant would bring “something” at this year’s show, but otherwise, this would be its last appearance at CES.

And still, the CES show must go on and according to the Consumer Electronics Association spokeswoman Allison Reid, Microsoft won’t be missed too much.

“Last year we had 156,153 audited attendees and more than 3,100 exhibitors across 1.862 million nsf. This year we are expecting more than 150,000 attendees (we won’t have a final number until after the audit in April), 3,000 exhibitors across more than 1.87 million nsf,” she said according to LA Times.

Microsoft is very likely to bring the Surface Pro at the upcoming CES, as the company will officially start selling the device in January 2013.

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