Microsoft Working on Desktop Remote Control Service

The software company has filed for a patent for a new remoting technology

The Redmond-based technology giant Microsoft is currently working on a new desktop remote control solution that would allow users to connect to a computer and run legacy Windows apps.

The so-called “Web-Browser Based Desktop and Application Remoting Solution” would allow those using Microsoft tablets and mobile phones to access a desktop computer running the full-featured operating system in order to launch legacy software.

One of the setbacks of the Surface RT, Microsoft’s first tablet in history, is the fact that it’s restricted to Windows RT apps available in the Windows Store, without support for x86 software.

The new technology would employ a proxy server in order to establish a HTTP session and a remote presentation with the client, the abstract section of the patent reads. And with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser available on most Windows devices, that would certainly make remoting a lot easier.

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