Microsoft Working on Kinect-Based Physical Therapy System for Pentagon

The new technology could help injured soldiers recover at home

Microsoft is working with the Air Force to develop a new Kinect-based therapy system that would allow injured soldiers to perform physical recovery at home.

Of course, that would also help the military system reduce the costs needed to maintain medical facilities, but it would also provide a more comfortable approach for injured soldiers who need to recover without visiting a medical center.

New software would also be needed, but the overall costs of such a technology would be significantly lower than the ones required by traditional physical therapy solutions.

“Microsoft is committing R&D and marketing resources to ensure that the [Defense Department] community is aware of the capabilities of the product, as well as the breadth of our partner community, which includes the system integrators,” said Phil West, Microsoft’s director of public sector solutions, according to DefenseNews.

“The targeted scenarios include therapy-related functions, but they also span training and simulation, interactive user interfaces, and so on.”

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