Microsoft Working on Outlook 2013 for Windows RT

The company is preparing a new email client for the tablet OS

Even though Windows RT is delivered with a free copy of the Office 2013 productivity suite, the package doesn’t include the popular Outlook client, as the operating system already comes with a built-in Mail Modern app.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet writes that Microsoft is currently working on Outlook 2013 for Windows RT, but it’s not yet clear whether the company really plans to release it or not.

It seems that some Microsofties do not agree with the project, especially since Windows RT already has an email client, so the company may in the end dump the idea completely.

Another scenario would be to bring Outlook 2013 on Windows RT platforms and remove or rename the existing Mail app, just to make room for the tool bundled into the Office suite.

Of course, Microsoft is yet to publicly comment on this story, so we’ll update the article when we hear more about it.

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