Microsoft Working on Skype Feature That Mutes Keyboard Typing Sounds

Such a feature is already available in the Lync communication tool for businesses

Microsoft is developing a new feature for its Skype VoIP client that would automatically mute keyboard typing sounds during conversations and thus improve the overall audio quality of an ongoing call.

David Hands, program manager of Skype’s Audio and Video Processing team, confirmed during a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden that the feature which is already available in the Lync business communication tool could soon make way to Skype as well.

The Next Web is reporting that Hands hasn’t provided a potential release date for the new feature, but he did confirm that such an improvement is currently on the table for the Skype team.

At this point, Lync’s typing suppression feature is automatically turned on, which means that all typing sounds are muted by default whenever you initiate a new call.

Of course, such an improvement would clearly come in handy to the continuously-growing Skype user base, especially because more businesses implement the freeware VoIP platform for conference calls or tech support.

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