Microsoft and Intel Prepare “Hundreds of Dollars” Discounts on Windows 8 Devices

The two companies are working together on a special campaign

The hardware market is slowly but surely migrating to Windows 8 and because Microsoft clearly needs all consumers to make the move to its new OS, the company is working with its partners on some very special discounts.

According to a report by Digitimes, Microsoft and Intel are planning to cut prices of Windows 8 devices by “hundreds of dollars,” which means that an 11.6-inch hybrid could cost no less than $399 (€315).

While this isn’t yet confirmed, so we can’t tell for sure if the report is indeed accurate, it seems like Microsoft wants the new Windows 8 devices to compete against the remaining Windows 7 inventory that already comes with special prices.

In the meantime, those looking for a Windows 8 device are recommended to wait for a month or so, as most companies are very likely to launch special offers for Black Friday and Christmas holidays.

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