Microsoft on Surface Wi-Fi Bug: Sorry, We’ve Already Fixed It

The company claims that it has already issued a fix for this issue

The Surface Wi-Fi bug saga continues, this time with Microsoft confirming it has already fixed the issue with a Patch Tuesday update.

The Redmond-based technology company has already revealed on the support forums that it fixed the bug with the most recent Patch Tuesday updates, but several users are now claiming that the issue still persists.

And yet, Microsoft emphasizes that it fixed the problem and recommends users to install the latest patches as soon as possible.

“This update provides increased Surface Wi-Fi reliability, improved connectivity in various scenarios, and performance improvements including: support for Access Point names (SSID’s) such as ‘Eric’s Phone_1’ including non-standard-ASCII special characters such as: ñ, ö, ü, á, é and reduction in scenarios resulting in ‘Limited’ WiFi connectivity,” the company told us in a statement.

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