Microsoft on WLM Shutdown: It’s a Strategic Decision

Windows Live Messenger will be discontinued in early 2013

Microsoft has already announced that it would discontinue Windows Live Messenger in early 2013, as it plans to move all users to Skype, but only vague information was available on the actual reason behind this decision.

Tony Bates, president for the Skype Division at Microsoft, said at the Monaco Media Forum that it’s all just a strategic move and users can already make the switch to Skype if they want.

The app already offers support for Microsoft accounts, so it should be all a very smooth transition.

“It’s available now. You can start using your Microsoft account and really bringing your buddies from Windows Messenger into Skype, but of course you get much more of an experience with Skype. It’s a strategic decision we’ve made together and it reaffirms the belief they have in the company,” Bates was quoted as saying by The Drum.

Users who wish to make the move to Skype can download Microsoft’s VoIP application right now from Softpedia.

The app has been updated a couple of days ago with stability and compatibility patches for Windows 8 platforms.

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