Microsoft’s Apps Are the Most Downloaded Windows 8 Programs

App rating analysis proves that Microsoft has the biggest number of downloads in the Store

While it’s impossible to count the number of downloads recorded by the apps available in the Windows Store, Microsoft’s executives previously hinted that some specific programs had already registered more than 1 million downloads.

According to an analysis conducted by WinAppUpdate on the apps with the most ratings in the Store, Microsoft seems to be the company with the biggest number of downloads, as 19 of the top 30 most reviewed apps belong to the Redmond-based firm.

Even though the number of ratings doesn’t also represent the download count, there’s a strong connection between the two, as an application with a big number of downloads is also very likely to record a high volume of ratings.

Microsoft’s Skype has more than 17,000 ratings, followed by NetFlix and the built-in Windows 8 apps with 15,609 and 8,096 ratings, respectively.

Overall, most of these 30 apps belong to Microsoft and all but one come with support for x86, x64 and ARM devices.

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