Microsoft’s Email Smackdown: vs. Gmail vs. Yahoo Mail

The company claims its email service is the best of all right now

Microsoft recently pushed out of beta and started a brand new marketing blitz supposed to help promote the email service basically all over the world.

Today, the company published a detailed graph showing the features of all three major email services available on the Internet at this point, namely, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Unsurprisingly, is the clear winner, but let’s see where Microsoft claims its service scores better than its rivals.

Basically, doesn’t serve targeted ads based on email contents, while both Gmail and Yahoo Mail do this. offers virtually unlimited storage at absolutely no cost, while Gmail doesn’t.

Microsoft’s email service is also offering better social networking options, as it can connect to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, while also providing users with dedicated tools to send photo slide shows from their inbox.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Microsoft claims is the best email service at this point, but if the company’s figures are accurate, lots of users are creating new accounts as we speak.

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