Microsoft’s SkyDrive Crashes Opera Browsers with 2 Million NULL Characters

The Microsoft SkyDrive page sends an unexpected load of NULL characters

In case you were trying to access Microsoft’s SkyDrive website with the Opera browser, don’t do it again. It seems that a bug in this browser causes Opera to hang and use 100 percent of the CPU.

According to Opera Core Quality Assurance software tester Hallvord R. M. Steen, the SkyDrive website is at fault because it sends no less than 2 million NULL characters to the browser.

The app can’t handle the huge load of characters and it crashes, the software tester wrote.

Surprisingly, Opera is the only browser that crashes, as both Internet Explorer and Firefox work just fine.

“Opera gets way more confused by the unexpected NULL characters than Firefox does, judged from the CPU usage. We should fix that. So you're sending more than two million nonsense characters to every user? Somebody working late hours at Microsoft recently?” the software tester added.

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