Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Preview Download Link Revealed

The download link isn’t active for the time being, but will be in just a few hours

Microsoft is set to unveil Windows 8.1 Preview later today, so I’m pretty sure that many of you are now searching for a download link that would allow you to try out the operating system a bit earlier.

The good news is that Microsoft’s download link for Windows 8.1 Preview has been spotted online, but on the other hand, it doesn’t seem to work for the time being.

A short post on reveals that download link prepared by Microsoft for the ISO version of Windows 8.1, but the landing page will most likely be rolled out in the next few hours.

As you probably heard by now, there will two ways to download Windows 8.1 Preview: either from the Store like any other app update, or as a stand-alone ISO that would allow you to set up a dual-boot configuration and install the operating system on a different partition.

Download links are available here.

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