Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Unappealing for Small Tablet Makers

Report claims that Acer is the only company so far that adopted Windows 8.1 Preview

Microsoft has specifically tweaked Windows 8.1 to be installed on small tablets with 7- or 8-inch screens, but the operating system is yet to excite in this particular market.

A report by Digitimes and citing the famous “sources from the upstream supply chain” reveals that Acer is so far the only company that embraced Windows 8.1, as the operating system is still unappealing for small tablet makers.

Pricing is believed to be one of the main reasons why manufacturers stay away from Windows 8.1, as the final price tag of a device running Microsoft’s new operating system would be fairly high.

Microsoft is yet to publicly comment on these reports, but the company has already promised that Windows 8.1 would spawn a new wave of devices, including smaller tablets with 7- and 8-inch displays.

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