Microsoft the Party Animal Presents the Windows 8 Cupcakes

Celebrate the Windows 8 launch with some delicious Windows 8 cupcakes

October 25 was a truly special day for the entire technology industry because Windows 8 officially saw daylight in New York, as thousands of people applauded in Times Square every time Steve Ballmer pronounced “Windows 8.”

Well, aside from all the over-excited geeks, it seems that Microsoft really knows how to celebrate such an important moment. In a totally geekish way, that is.

Here are the “official,” just-baked, artificially-looking and terribly delicious (OK, we made this part up because we didn’t actually taste them) Windows 8 cupcakes that were prepared for the Windows 8 launch party.

The Redmondians published this photo on their official Windows Twitter account, just to show everybody that they have some pretty advanced skills, not only to build software, but also to bake and decorate cakes.

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