Microsoft to Announce New CEO Next Week – Report

It turns out that Microsoft’s CEO search is coming to an end

Microsoft could announce the name of Steve Ballmer’s successor as soon as next week, according to a new report, with all bets currently on cloud boss Satya Nadella.

According to Recode, who cites sources close to the matter, Microsoft has almost completed the selection of a new CEO, so an announcement on the matter is prepared for the next week.

Even though more than 100 candidates have been involved in the talks, it turns out that Satya Nadella will be the one to take over from Ballmer, with BUILD 2014 to mark his first public appearance as a Microsoft CEO.

Former Nokia boss Stephen Elop and internals Kevin Turner and Tony Bates are also said to be involved in the last-minute talks, but they’re still behind Nadella in terms of board backing.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft would indeed make an announcement next week, but it’s pretty clear that the search for the third CEO of the company is almost done.

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