Microsoft to Bet Big on Chinese Workforce [WSJ]

China is very likely to become an innovation center, Microsoft exec says

China is already considered a key technological hub by many large companies across the world, but as far as Microsoft goes, the country is very likely to become an important innovation center in the region.

Ya-Qin Zhang, chairman of Microsoft’s Asia Pacific research and development group, told WSJ that Microsoft is prepared to focus more on its Chinese operations, as the company is seeking innovation through its local offices.

“The scale of innovators and the scale of the market will converge and eventually make China a key [innovation] center in the region. There’s been more copying than innovation [in the past], but that’s going to change,” Zhang was quoted as saying.

And speaking of innovation, Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and co-founder, recently said in an interview that his company isn’t doing enough in this regard, suggesting that the Redmond-based giant should look well beyond Windows 8 and the Surface tablet in the long term.

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