Microsoft to Fund Online Matchmaking Website

LikeBright is one of the first services that’ll receive money from Bing Fund

Microsoft has recently announced that its investment program dubbed Bing Fund would support online matchmaking service LikeBright, but the company refused to provide any terms of the deal.

Bing Fund is Microsoft’s very own investment program created in mid-2012 in order to support start-ups with both money and software.

LikeBright is one of the first services included in the Bing Fund program, but more companies are expected to be added in the near future.

“At the end of day, technology is about helping enrich people’s lives,” said Rahul Sood, general manager of Bing Fund.

“Using social signals we generate online, LikeBright lets your network have a say in who your potential matches could be. Because who better to vouch for you and a match than your friends and family? We’re excited at the opportunity to help LikeBright further this vision.”

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