Microsoft to Help Dell Go Private, to Inject $3 Billion (€2.2 Billion)

Microsoft is one of the companies that could get involved in the Dell buyout

Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to get involved in Dell’s buyout and inject as much as $3 billion (€2.2 billion) to help the company go private.

CNBC revealed in a short tweet that the Redmond-based technology firm is part of a group that currently negotiates a significant investment in Dell, but specific details on these negotiations are yet to be disclosed.

“Microsoft in talks to invest $1B-$3B as part of Dell leveraged buyout; investment seen as mezzanine financing, likely in form of a preferred,” CNBC said in the tweet.

There is no official statement on this, but if Microsoft gets involved in the buyout, a $3 billion investment won’t result in a majority stake, but only in a significant share that could help the Redmondians work closer with Dell on a number of projects.

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