Microsoft to Increase the 2GB File Size Limit on SkyDrive

It is also considering increasing the 100GB storage space limit

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a series of changes to its SkyDrive cloud-based storage service, so as to provide users with support for new file types and with additional editing and sharing capabilities, but it seems that other changes are also planned for it.

Omar Shahine from the SkyDrive team (who, along with Mona Akmal, responded to user inquiries on reddit), said that the company was looking at means to increase the 2GB file size limit currently in effect on the service.

“I can’t comment about specifics here, but it’s something we are looking at. The reason we don’t support 2 GB is that when we designed the system 7 years ago we thought 2 GB was really big. Turns out it’s not,” he said.

As Microsoft-News reports, he also confirmed that the company was actively working on increasing the limit of total storage space that users could enjoy on SkyDrive beyond the 100GB mark, currently the highest that can be purchased.

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