Microsoft to Kill Windows Live Messenger, Focus on Skype

The company is planning to focus more on its Skype platform

Microsoft is reportedly planning to abandon the Windows Live Messenger standalone application and integrate it into Skype, thus focusing more on a platform that holds a key role in the company’s long-term plans.

Citing sources close to the matter, The Verge reports that Microsoft could announce the decision as soon as this weekend, but it’s not yet clear whether the change will come into effect immediately or at a later date.

Microsoft is willing to move all its users to Skype, as this particular application also comprises a Messenger feature for those who don’t want to use the advanced VoIP capabilities.

More than 80 percent of the messages delivered via Skype are apparently sent through this Messenger, so Microsoft’s decision to dump WLM could make sense after all.

In the meantime, Microsoft has also released a Windows 8 version of Skype that comes with all these top-notch features packed in a “Metro” GUI.

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