Microsoft to Launch Augmented Reality Windows 8 Apps

The company is now working on several new apps for its latest OS

Augmented reality apps aren’t quite a new thing on the market and iOS users know this very well, as the App Store comes with plenty of such tools aimed at iPad and iPhone owners.

The Windows Store also has a couple of such apps, but Microsoft is looking to get involved into the world of augmented reality tools with its very own projects. writes that Microsoft is now hiring engineers for its Bing Information Platform, as the company intends to develop apps featuring camera tracking, audio and visual recognition.

Of course, Microsoft is yet to confirm this rumor, but seeing the Redmond-based giant starting its very own app projects pretty much makes sense, as Windows 8 needs apps more than ever.

There’s no projected release date for the time being, but the new tools are very likely to show up in the Store in 2013.

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