Microsoft to Launch Windows 8.1 Back-up Media on November 15

The disc will go on sale later this month for $14.90 (€11.5)

Microsoft will launch a Windows 8.1 back-up media disc later this month, in an attempt to provide users with an easy way to repair a broken down operating system that doesn’t boot anymore.

The disc is already listed on Newegg’s website and is priced at $14.99 (€11.5), with the page stating that sales are expected to begin on November 15.

Microsoft hasn’t issued any official statements on this, but such a product would really come in handy to those installing Windows 8.1 from the Store and encountering issues with the operating system.

Windows 8.1 is currently being offered free of charge to all Windows 8 adopters via a store update, while everyone else needs to pay at least $119.99 (€90) to purchase a core license for a stand-alone copy of the operating system.

Special thanks to our reader AS for sending a tip on this.

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