Microsoft to Launch Windows 8.1 on June 26

The company will allow Windows 8 users to download a preview of the OS next month

Windows CFO Tami Reller confirmed yesterday that Microsoft would call its new operating system Windows 8.1, but she also provided the first details regarding the launch date.

The preview version of the first major Windows 8 upgrade will go live on June 26 and Windows 8/RT users will be allowed to download it using the integrated Windows Store.

There’s no information on the changes to be brought by Windows 8.1, but previous reports pointed to new Start Screen customization options, plus a bunch of tweaks to the Metro UI.

What’s more, Windows 8.1 could mark the return of the Start button, as Microsoft has already expressed its intention to pay more attention to customer feedback and make the next Windows release a bit more familiar in terms of appearance and features.

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