Microsoft to Make Skype the Default Windows 8 Chat App

Microsoft reportedly wants to use Skype as the default chat app on several platforms

By on January 17th, 2013 09:48 GMT

Microsoft has already announced that Windows Live Messenger would be killed and users would need to move to Skype, but it seems like the company has much more ambitious plans for its VoIP platform.

A new report published by CVG and citing sources familiar with the matter reveals that Microsoft intends to make Skype the default chat client on Xbox consoles, PCs and tablets, most likely to replace the existing Messenger service when it goes offline.

While such a move pretty much makes sense, switching consumers from Windows Live Messenger to Skype seems to be a fairly difficult task, as many users are criticizing the company for its decision to merge the two platforms.

What’s more, it appears that a bug makes the transition a nightmare for many people, as their contact lists are completely removed when switching to Skype.