Microsoft to Offer Start Button Instructions in Windows 8.1 RTM – Screenshot

The company is now trying to make the new Start button more useful

As I’ve told you not a long time ago, Microsoft has implemented new tutorials and guides in Windows 8.1 build 9471, in an attempt to make the operating system a bit more user-friendly.

Now it appears that the Start button is one of the features that Microsoft is providing more information on, so notifications are displayed as you explore the operating system.

For example, when you launch the Metro UI, a small notification in the left bottom corner pops out saying that you have to “move your mouse pointer all the way into the corner and click” to access the Start button.

In addition, Microsoft has also improved the Start button in the latest build of Windows 8.1, adding a new option to quickly sign out from the operating system without even launching the Start screen.

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