Microsoft to Open London Tech Center with UK Funds Bloomberg

The Redmond-based technology giant will open a new development center in London

Although Microsoft is heavily criticized for its legal strategy of dodging UK taxes, the company received support from the British authorities for opening a new technology development center in London.

The United Kingdom government has granted $81 million for a larger program supposed to revamp Silicon Roundabout, a large business hub hosting startups and large corporations alike.

Bloomberg writes that Microsoft’s new technology development center will employ young people as apprentices, as the company continues its efforts to discover new talents in the IT department.

“The U.K. is in a global race, and I am determined that we as a government continue doing everything we can to equip the U.K. to compete and thrive,” Prime Minister David Cameron said. “As well as backing the businesses of today, we are creating an aspiration nation and also backing the innovative, high-growth businesses of the future.”

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