Microsoft to Significantly Improve File Explorer in Windows 8.1

The company is working to improve the desktop environment as well

Microsoft has revealed a long list of changes to be implemented into the upcoming Windows 8.1, but it appears that the company has focused not only on the Metro UI, but also on the desktop environment.

Ed Bott of writes that File Explorer, the default file manager that’s available in the desktop side of Windows 8, will get significant improvements as well, but no specifics have been provided.

In addition, word is that Microsoft will also integrate a Metro-based file manager in the next Windows release, thus letting tablet users organize their files a lot easier.

As you most likely know, File Explorer is a “reinvented” version of Windows Explorer, the famous file manager that has been around since Windows 95.

The app has received plenty of improvements in Windows 8, including a revised interface, plus a large collection of features.

Read more about the new File Explorer here.

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