Microsoft to Take Over TOM-Skype in China

The company wants to own 100 percent of the operating rights in the country

Microsoft is currently in talks to take over operating systems for Skype in China, as the company is looking to improve the local service with some more features.

LiveSino is reporting that Microsoft will take over the division in November from TOM-Skype, but it’s not yet clear whether Redmond has already sketched a short-term plan for the new unit or it’s just trying to be granted full ownership and only then decide how to improve it.

At this point, the Chinese version of Skype is offered via TOM, as the local government requires a number of products to be made available to users via Chinese companies. TOM is said to have 100 million users, but the company has often been criticized for the high level of censorship it applies to its own Skype build.

Redmond is yet to release a public statement, but we’ve reached out to Microsoft for a word on this and we will update the article when and if we get an answer.

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