Minecraft for Windows 8 Revealed, Sort Of

A Minecraft version optimized for Windows 8 was presented at Minecon 2012

The “Minecraft on Windows 8” saga continues with a new episode, this time without involving creator Markus "Notch" Persson at all.

A touch-optimized Minecraft for Windows 8 was showcased at Minecon 2012 and although it’s yet to be an official release, at least it’s a sign that Minecraft might arrive on Microsoft’s latest operating system at some point.

The app is not completely optimized for the touch right now, but developers are still working on the project, so a much improved build should be presented in the near future.

Minecraft developer Noth previously said that he doesn’t want his game to run on Windows 8 at all and slammed Microsoft after the company contacted him on this particular project.

“I told them to stop trying to ruin the PC as an open platform. I'd rather have Minecraft not run on [Windows 8] at all than to play along. Maybe we can convince a few people not to switch to [Windows 8] that way,” he said via his Twitter account.

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