Modder Creates Tool to Remove Windows 8 In-App Ads

This simple utility could block advertisements in all Metro apps

While most apps in the Windows Store are available with a freeware license, many of them are actually displaying in-app advertisements to convince users to purchase the full and ad-free version.

A software developer has created a very simple utility that can be used to remove all ads displayed in Windows 8 Metro apps and thus provide users with a much cleaner interface.

While blocking ads in a freeware software solution isn't quite a fair practice, some in-app banners are a bit too intrusive and could affect the overall experience with the program.

This newly released tool comes packed as a .bat file and blocks ads in all currently installed Metro apps, but it requires users to re-apply the changes whenever a new program is deployed from the Store.

Microsoft hasn't yet issued a statement on this, but as far as the company is concerned, an update to block this patch might be released anytime soon.

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