Modern Version of Facebook to Launch with Windows 8.1 – Rumor

Facebook might launch its eagerly-awaited Windows 8 Metro app next week

Facebook has already confirmed that it’s working on a Modern app specifically aimed at Windows 8 users and according to the latest rumors, the company has recently completed the development process of this new project.

It now appears that Facebook and Microsoft are working together to bring the app to the market on October 18, the same day when Windows 8.1 is scheduled to make its public appearance.

The Facebook app is expected to be exclusively available on Windows 8.1, so Windows 8 users who will want to download it will probably be required to upgrade.

Of course, the new app will definitely work on both Windows 8 and Windows RT, so those still using a Surface, be it the first- or the second-generation, will be allowed to post new messages and chat with friends using a completely touch-optimized interface.

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